Feb 18 2013


Sunny Weekend = Outdoors drawings

Place des Quinconces- Bordeaux
Pencil on Moleskine

Jan 30 2013

Iceland: Rocks Factory

“Carnet de voyage” from IcelandThe best spot in Reykjavik Center – The Laundromat Cafe

Converted to fish and chips in Reykjavik port.

Two days in a “Silent Hill” Reykjavik and suddenly this mountain appeared. That’s a really big surprise.

Weird currency

Manly Art

Mystic Islands of Vestmannaeyjar

Good spot to meet local artists

Good spot to acknowledge your insignificance

Reward when you climb during two hours breathing sulfur

Iceland: Frozen World where fire and rocks are made, where it feels warmer under the snow, where nothing is never really grey. I miss you so much.

Dec 16 2012

Aphelion Release

I announced this for a while, well, Aphelion has been released today! Aphelion is a 2CD album by Anthony Altaras, on which I proudly signed all the visuals. You can listen to this brand new 24-track double album in its entirety here. Lucky you!

Here are the visuals, with from left to right: the cover, the back cover (with all the credits) and the inside with the two discs and the tracklists.

Aphelion by Anthony Altaras: 2CD digipack

I worked on Anthony’s previous album: Where Trees Withdraw. See previous post about this album here.  You can buy Where Trees Withdraw here.

Nov 10 2012


This year, for Halloween, I made a live painting session during a big party organized by a local association “La Chambre Noire” (the Black Room) specialized in producing short films mostly based on horror themes.

Here is my contribution, fully disguised, fully digital. I finished it a few days after. Theme was…well “Halloween”.

Theme of the party: Carnival freaks
with weird tasty food, straws and leaves on the floor, beautiful gypsy girls, fire dance, music (live), art exhibitions, creators… lots of spooky delicacies.

photo credits: Julien barbotin



Oct 1 2012


Un petit post pour présenter en avant première la couverture du double album Aphelion de Anthony Altaras avec qui j’avais déjà collaboré pour son premier album Where trees withdraw.
Après un travail qui s’est étalé sur plusieurs mois, nous venons de terminer tous les visuels pour ce digipack de 6 pages qui part au pressage dans la semaine.

Un remerciement à l’artiste pour la carte blanche qu’il m’a accordé encore une fois pour ce projet et de m’avoir soutenu dans l’exploration d’un univers visuel qui s’éloigne assez de mes travaux habituels.

Sep 2 2012


crayon gaphite – crayon couleur blanc
papier mi-teinte 38cm x 40 cm


Sep 1 2012

Edgar A. Poe

Huile sur carton entoilé (30cm x 40 cm)
oil on canvas board

Aug 28 2012

La douceur avait les mains ridées

encuentro al pueblo

Aug 27 2012


Exhibition de rapaces – Musée océanographique – Valencia (Espagne)

Aug 10 2012

Something skully (not her.)

 Some animation character design for a zombie project, obviously.